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Sonya Wheatcraft has been the worship leader at Branches of Christ for 23 years. She has served under her parents Pastor Joe and Earlene Simpson who are the pastors of Branches of Christ. Sonya has been writing her own music and playing the piano since the age of 8. She has faced many obstacles in her life physically and emotionally and has used the power of music to become healing to her soul. She recently has released her second CD the songs she has written. Sonya has been married for 17 years and has a beautiful daughter who supports her ministry.  Sonya Wheatcraft is our very talented worship leader. Sonya is asked to sing at many different churches and church events.  She also sings weddings, funerals, fund raisers, or any special occasion. If you would like her to sing at your special event you can contact her through Branches of Christ email on the contact us page.
Contact Sonya
Phone: (260)494-9636 Email: wheatcraft@comcast.net

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