Ted Higginbotham


Brother Ted is our bible study teacher and has preached a few Sundays! Brother Ted is always willing to help and his smile is contagious.  

Daniel & Abigail Campos

Youth Pastors and Sound Tech

Daniel is our sound technician. Daniel and Abigail are our wonderful youth pastors and have started a new youth group called Focus. We are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for this wonderful couple and their family!

Gary Boyd


Gary is our  drummer here at Branches of Christ. Gary has been a long time, dedicated member here.

Barb Sanders

Mother of Church & Mission Funds

Barbara takes care of all the missions funds for us. She is also in charge of organizing most of our functions here at Branches of Christ. She is a wonderful lady and greatly appreciated.

Sonya Wheatcraft

Worship Leader & Deacon

Sonya is our worship leader and choir director! Sonya has a beautiful voice and we are so thankful that she is our Worship leader. Sonya is a very active in church and also a dedicated deacon.  Sonya is the daughter of Pastor Joe and Earlene Simpson. For more information on Sonya, go to the Meet Sonya tab.

Meet the Staff

Whitney Saylor

Choir & Backup

Whitney is Sonya and Tempa's backup if they have to be out. She is a leader in the choir and performs many expressive worship. We are so thankful to have such a wonderful individual a part of our team!

Karla Taylor


Karla runs our presentation software and records video each week. She is very hands on and offers help wherever needed. She also creates flyers and keeps our visual presentation software updated!

Steve and Jelemia Smith


Steve and Jelemia are such a blessing. They are always willing to help whenever needed and always kind. Jelemia is our decorator. She has decorated the church and she decorates events. Steve drives the church van and helps with projects.

Danielle Tracey


Danielle works in the tech room and is responsible for updating the app, website, social media, keeping records and etc. 

Cora Robinson

Mother of the Church

Cora is loving referred to as "Mama" by many members of the church. She leads kitchen activities and is a leader of the hospitality group. We are so thankful to have such a wonderful lady!

Tempa Fowlkes

Executive  Assistance

Tempa is in charge of all ministries. She is the glue that keeps everything together. Her hard work and dedication is an amazing example to all of us. Tempa keeps us all on our toes and keeps us updated on what is taking place in the Church.

Lisa Randol


Lisa is the monetary secretary here at Branches. She and her family have truly blessed us as a congregation. We truly appreciate her dedication to the church and to the Pastor.

Pastor Joe & First Lady Earlene Simpson
have been pastoring Branches of Christ Ministries since 1979!! They are dedicated to a personal relationship with people that are hurting and oppressed, to bring them to the knowledge of Christ. Their dedication to their faith and to the church is a strength that we all benefit from.